• Why SEO is crucial for your business in 2019 ?
    • 10 Jan 2020
    • Shinu Das

    SEO ( Search engine optimization), is one of the most commonly used term now a days when it comes to marketing and lead generation. Search engine optimization is described as the process of building up the number of quality visitors to a website, by ensuring that the website appears top on the list of search results on search engines such as Google, Bing or yahoo. Most of the businesses and brands are moving digital. Whether you are an Start up, a growing business, or an established brand, SEO is still essential, because search engines are one the most dominating marketing platform to reach your potential customers and getting leads. If you are a growing firm or struggling to get leads, here are few reasons why SEO is so important for your business.

    • Helps to reach perspective customers – The dominance of online world is prominent everywhere.  In today’s digital world majority percentage of buyers go search online before making a purchase, which also impacts local businesses in local searches.  Modern customers view internet as an integral part of their shopping activities irrespective of the fact of whether they buy online or not. SEO helps businesses to maintain their digital marketplace.
    • SEO is cost effective – In today’s competitive market when companies are looking to reduce cost, SEO is the most cost effective marketing strategies when compared to cold-calling and other marketing strategies.  SEO targets only those users who are actively looking out for products and services like yours, hence called inbound marketing strategy and you don’t have to pay for ads; isn’t this more cost-effective?  SEO can help you generate more qualified online traffic than any other strategies.
    • Strong Conversion Rates and High ROI – Every clients want higher Return on Investment (ROI); which is higher revenue for each spend.  For this SEO provides quantifiable results.  For each footprint in your website you can get a comprehensive analytics up to a granular level and also get demographic information and any required metrics you need. The entire path taken by the user while on your website all the way to which keyword they used to search is available through SEO.  In short SEO can track every aspect of strategy like increase in traffic, higher rankings and conversions.
    • Internet and Smartphone Usage – SEO is all about user experience and in today’s era it’s about internet usage in smartphones, tablets and pcs.  SEO enables faster, robust, smoother and user-friendlier website by maintaining a well-structured, cleaner, and uncluttered website.  This enables user to browse through your websites smoothly, without any wait-period and hence lesser bounce rate.
    • Brand awareness and huge online presence – Brand awareness and visibility is one of the premium features of SEO services.  It enhances your online presence on social media platform like LinkedIn, Twitter, FB etc. through enhanced engagement and highest quality content, also enables to get an increased online presence on various search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo.  All these leads to higher search rankings, higher visibility and therefore enhanced brand awareness; which means your target market recognizes your brand.
    • Boost your other Marketing Activities – SEO builds trust, credibility, long-term strategy, increased brand awareness and equity.  All these factors helps you in ranking high on the search engines, makes your customers more informed, influences purchasing decisions and eventually support other marketing and sales activities, gaining more market share.
    • Generate fresh leads and build new clienteles – SEO helps in optimizing your website and always targets different types of search engines including business search, video search, image search, news search etc.  This helps the visibility of your business websites as they are ranked highly in the search results and hence attracts more online visitors with the possibility of making more  new sales.

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