• 16 Jan 2020
    • Shinu Das

    You want your SEO ranking to go higher! Then it’s here; a new Google ranking factor. In the year 2014 Google announced that HTTPS websites are ranked higher in the Google searches then the usual HTTP websites. HTTP is a risky website which risks data breach from third parties. HTTPS is similar to HTTP, but with an extra layer of security; equipped with the SSL - Secure Sockets Layer, to monitor and transfer data safely between the web server and the browser. SSL encrypts data being transferred between two parties, provides authentication for users, and ensures that data are not corrupted or altered during transmission process. Hence your sensitive information such as credit card information, usernames, passwords etc is secured when you are using it.

    How do SEO benefits of HTTPS?


    • Increase Ranking: Google will always prefer HTTPS over HTTP for websites with same technical specifications and content relevance.
    • Feel Secured: Lately the Chrome Browser shows a warning message for securing when it finds a website without HTTPS. This would ensure customer’s trusts on a website be it while using a simple WordPress website or a big ecommerce portal.
    • Referrer Data. The secured information will be preserved when traffic passes to an HTTPS site.
    • AMP - Accelerated Mobile Pages: To make it more user friendly Google prefers AMP because users are not limited to desktop users, we have tab, mobile users etc. Google prefers websites to be equipped with HTTPS, to have a best organic mobile ranking.
    • Faster Browsing experience: HTTPS is the backbone of HTTP/2; which drastically increases the speed of your website load time. Hence, SSL enhances the website speeds and therefore the ranking.


    HTTPS is not only good for security but also for referrer data, page loading speed and other SEO strategies. Futuristically to cope up with Google’s algorithms it is always recommended to have HTTPS.