• 18 Mar 2020
    • Reens V

    In 2018 social media observed various issues like Facebook facing data breach issues, Snapchat releasing unpopular update, YouTube showing a record of a suicide victim; all of these sparked conversations about the online ethics.  Social media still continues to innovate and expand at lightning speed with both hits and misses. 

    2019 is here and the today’s audience have a high level of engagement on social media. While being online they want to be involved, interact and co-create brands.  Having said that, in the coming years only those brands will thrive which are successful in creating a personalized customer experience.

    There are various social platforms which attracts consumer attention, not to mention the apps and other online diversions.  Every brand should capture their consumer’s attention and dollar by knowing how they utilize these platforms implying that as the trends evolve on social media, so must the corresponding marketing.

    We have compiled 10 most important social media trends that will matter most to marketers, brands and business in 2019. 

    • Rebuild Trust

    In 2018 social media was all about scandals, security breaches, manipulations and hence an overall trend of uncertainty.Users have become increasingly sensitive of the information they find on social media.If they feel that the information is not true it would leave users feeling distrustful of both the brand and the platform.Hence in 2019 brands need to focus on ways to authentically connect to the audience, regaining trust.

    Remember, no one likes being constantly swamped with ads. Even worse is when you’re being marketed to and don’t even realize it.Consumer confidence in social media need to be always of utmost importance.

    • Connect with Audience

    Marketers should be responsive to their followers as social media is all about relationships and engagements.All business are starting to understand that connecting and marketing with users through social media sites and apps is about being present and interacting instead of just being visible. Every customer expects more personal interaction hence businesses who monitor and participate in conversations with their customers and potential customers will be able to develop more authentic relationships and stand out from the crowd.

    • Share real stories

    Social media like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook are adapting and embracing new ways to allow people to share their stories to the world, their friends and families.Stories were first being told through posts and photos; now video contents are becoming increasingly popular.

    Brands get support from social media to share more human stories of their own, which will inspire audiences to try out their product. Storytelling connects you to the audience, gets good real feelings, can be more personal, but it also expects a mix of images, graphics andtime-intensive video,and requires all the brands to be more creative and thoughtful in the intent.

    • Influencer marketing

    Influencers are social media people who have built a defined community around themselves.They will have large followings ranging from thousands to million followers.Their influence over others are incredibly effective as we inherently trust the people we follow on social media.When a brand is well marketed through influencers, it gives human voice to a brand like a personal branding.This is an authentic way of connecting with customers.

    • LinkedIn

    There has been a steady rise in the LinkedIn influencers who are able to build and leverage large audience.Even though LinkedIn followers are less than a larger facebook influencer community, the posts and engagements on it are making a big difference.

    LinkedIn is making a huge attempt towards becoming an information content sharing and connection nurturing network.Its features are attracting younger demographics to use their networks as soon as they start working or get into higher education.

    • Employee Empowerment

    The employees are the best way to personalize your brand.If an employee creates a content it receives at least 8 times more engagement than the content given by the company itself.The companies with good employee engagement programs will have contented employees and involving employees in content creation would help to create a sense of common purpose.

    • Device Friendly

    The brand contents which are created should be user friendly and user interactive.A user may access the contents via any device like mobile, tablet or pc.The aim should be to have exactly same online experience across all platforms.